Vance Algaroth


-Rain had began to fall, the cold freezing breeze loomed by. And their in chains sat the once proud prince Algaroth. On his knees in shackles, half of his face covered in blood, his body with a few slashes through the armor, one massive slash across his back. The prince peered up the now violent breeze shot through the room hitting algaroth. Thankfully not cooled in the slightest seeing the familiar guards once under his rule stepping inside. The warrior stood to his feet lunging at them.Being stopped by the chance. The two guards laugh before bashing Algaroth with the hilt of their weapons. Knocking him back to the ground.

“It’s time for your sentencing…”

The prince is now dragged out to the bright light of his once fair city. Warriors and woman alike booing the once proud prince. His father shackeled on a stage his mother night beatin with her dress torn to shreads its obvious what had just happened. His father being forced on his knees and placed on a chopping block.

“Vance Algaroth you have been sentenced to banishment for cowardist. Your bloodline is to be slain while we reassemble a new government.As punishment for your sons failure former lord vantius you are to be..beheaded!”

A loud roar through out the crowd erupted. Algaroth rising to his feet. Growling under his breath, with a hard bash to the back from a mace brought him right back down to his knees. His father looking towards Vance, as the axe is raised. Vance can only glare back until…the blade came down ending the kings rule. A pause in the heart beat of mister Algaroth came. Hearing onyl the cry of his mother. Vance merely stayed put watching on, finally the crowd died down, as the judge stood off his throne, a brought out his great sword. “I am you judge Algaroth family. Judge Torisk shall cast thy judgement…Your servant is freed but to be known as a coward as your father and mother will have given birth to a coward, your whore mother will now face her final sentence. Punishment for giving birth to a coward…Death!”

Another loud roar from the crowd agreeing. The judge rose his great sword. “Vance! Vance!” The prince looked to his beaten and wounded mother. “Mother…”

She smiled brightly at him. “Vance…” Her face broke into anger. “Damn you.” Vance’s meaningful look faded back to a blank stare.The sword coming down upon his mother. The Judge rose his blade up once more stepping towards Algaroth. “Now you prince…after being hated in your families last breath, soon to face the longest grueling punishment of all…Banishment. You will be caste out, broken and from no home. Your honor and blood shed meant nothing. Fear not though you’ll keep your rank until you give your last breath to the abyss.Have you any last parting”

Vance looked up to the judge who stood before him stepping up to his feet, before he could be brought down the judge waved the guards away. “He was your father..Torisk the first?” The judge nodded. “I remember him fondly…the only thing he knew how to kill was himself. Just like an elf.” The Judge roared punching and kneeing the prince throwing him down before landing a few blows with the hilt of his blade, now about to throw down his sword right through the heart of Algaroth but stops. “ will not push me to spare you.” He pulls out a small dagger.

“Open the gate.” The wooden doors to the front of the city slowly opening. Vance being dragged to the front made to look down the slope that set the valley tundra.

“Vance Algaroth son of vantius, prince of…former prince of Kandroz..I banish thee. Sending the small green glowing dagger into the gut of the prince. A spit up of blood followed. The judge holding him by his collar over the slope. Before he can be let go Vance, the half fiend spits blood right into the judges face as hes let go to be barreling down the large snow covered planes not able to stop his momentum as the storm thickens the deeper he gets until finally the large kingdom is missing. And there he laid..blood out of every orifice. The wound still glowing green causing massive pain. Yet Vance refused to cry out in pain, realizing his end. Here he was the great prince of Kandroz..left to die in a puddle of his own blood and snow.

Vance Algaroth

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